Bar Harbor Savings and Loan participates in Friends of Acadia "Take Pride in Acadia Day"

November 7, 2020

Staff members from Bar Harbor Savings & Loan participated in the annual Friends of Acadia “Take Pride in Acadia Day” at Acadia National Park.

A team of dedicated volunteers from the bank were assigned a section of the Carriage Roads to maintain, clearing culverts and drainage ditches of leaves, branches, rocks and sediment, getting the Carriage Roads ready for winter. The team, consisting of David Cohen, Jacquie and Ken Colburn, Donna and Ray Chalifour, Rhonda Sawyer and Lynnette Powell spent several hours assisting Friends of Acadia with this important work.

Group organizer David Cohen said “Members of our staff, joined by two spouses, volunteered to keep the Acadia National Park Carriage Roads on Day Mountain free from debris and draining properly.” He added “We are very proud to have assisted Acadia National Park in this worthy cause. We are grateful to the Friends of Acadia and the National Park Service, and proud to do our part helping to preserve this beautiful place.”

take pride in acadia day

Members of the Bar Harbor Savings and Loan team on Take Pride in Acadia Day: (From left to right) Ken Colburn, Jacquie Colburn, Donna Chalifour, David Cohen, Rhonda Sawyer, Ray Chalifour and Lynnette Powell.