Bar Harbor Savings and Loan participates in Friends of Acadia "Take Pride in Acadia Day"

November 8, 2021

Several members of Bar Harbor Savings & Loan staff and Board once again participated in the annual Friends of Acadia “Take Pride in Acadia Day” at Acadia National Park.

Savings & Loan team captain David Cohen said “I am very proud of the group of volunteers from Bar Harbor Savings & Loan who, together with their family and friends, gave up a Saturday morning to work tirelessly raking leaves and cleaning out culverts along the Eagle Lake Carriage Road helping Friends of Acadia get Acadia National Park ready for the upcoming winter.”

The BHSLA team, consisting of Kathleen Field, David Cohen, Jacquie and Ken Colburn, Lynnette and Frank Powell, Evan Sweeney, Elizabeth Barnhart-Rodick and Dominic Barnhart, and Ray Chalifour spent the morning supporting Friends of Acadia with this essential effort. Cohen added “We are indebted to the many volunteers, from many organizations, who worked together on that day to enhance our National Park. We are grateful to Friends of Acadia and the National Park Service.”

Bar Harbor Savings and Loan was assigned a section of the Eagle Lake Carriage Roads. The volunteers cleared culverts and drainage ditches of leaves, branches, rocks and sediment. The autumn clean up gets the Carriage Roads ready for the winter.

take pride in acadia day

BHSL volunteers David Cohen, Lynnette Powell, Kathleen Field, Ken Colburn, Jacquie Colburn, Ray Chalifour, Evan Sweeney, Elizabeth Barnhart-Rodick and Dominic Barnhart.