ATM/Debit Cards

We are happy to have you visit us anytime during business hours, but if you need to bank after hours, our debit cards give you access 24-hours a day.

After Hours Lost or Stolen Card Telephone Number

  • 1-800-472-3272

  • If a card is lost or stolen, the Emergency Service Group will either fax or email your institution a notification.

  • Cardholders should call Collect for International ONLY

ATM Fees

When you use an ATM you may be charged a fee by the ATM operator and/or the network used. The ATM operator and/or network may charge you a fee for a balance inquiry, even if you do not complete a fund transfer. However, we reimburse your checking account up to $10.00 per month for fees incurred while using ATMs during any monthly statement cycle.

What is a chip card?

A chip card—also known as an EMV (from Europay, MasterCard, and Visa)—adds additional security when you use your debit card. Chip cards have a tiny microprocessor embedded in the card. They can be used anywhere cards are used. The chip functionality works at every business that has an activated chip-enabled terminal.

Using your card

The chip generates a unique, one-time code each time you insert your card at a chip-enabled terminal. Your purchase can only be approved with the chip-generated code. You will need to leave your card in the terminal for the processor to create the code. If you pull the card out too soon, the transaction will be cancelled.

When transacting a purchase through a chip-enabled terminal, you will need to enter your PIN. This is yet another security feature of the chip card. Your PIN is not used for online or telephone transactions.

To request a PIN change, call 800.992.3808


The chip in your card is virtually impossible to duplicate. That means your information is more difficult to steal. Consumers continue to have zero liability for fraudulent transactions.

For added protection when shopping online, you may wish to register for MasterCard SecureCode. If you make a purchase in a shop, you enter a PIN number or sign a receipt to validate the transaction. MasterCard SecureCode mimics this process over the Internet by providing a digital receipt that you sign off with your own personal SecureCode. This service is free for our customers. For more information, click here. Enroll by clicking here.